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A firm believer in the power of natural medicine and patient education for managing diabetes and chronic conditions, Dr. Ahmet Ergin founded SugarMDs LLC in 2019. Through SugarMDs LLC, Dr. Ergin helps people with diabetes live healthier, more balanced lifestyles without overreliance on pharmaceuticals.

SugarMd carries a range of products with natural herbs and vitamins that aim to support weight loss and sleep, regulate blood pressure, and promote circulatory health. For example, SugarMds Fat Burner includes white mulberry and green tea extract, which can limit carbohydrate absorption and increase satiety hormones. The company also carries hormone support, joint health support, and nerves and mood products, all of which are developed in GMP-certified facilities and curated by licensed pharmacists.

Regarding patient education, SugarMDs LLC offers several resources, including specialized diet books and a free diabetes e-book written by Dr. Ergin, a Certified Diabetes Education Specialist and fellow of the American College of Endocrinology.

SugarMDs LLC

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